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Cerasis, in business since 1997, first released our web-based TMS, we call the Cerasis Rater in 1998. To most people, seeing a web-based anything was like seeing magic. A small footnote in history, if you will, is that the Cerasis Rater was all web-based before Google was a search engine. HA! Take that Google! We kid, of course, but as we have progressed as a company over the last 2 decades, a TMS is no longer magic, but quite commonplace. 

Unfortunately, although we’ve been touting to shippers the amazing benefits from the adoption of a TMS, or Transportation Management System, to this day, even with affordable and easy to deploy systems, not all shippers are taking advantage of the vast benefits a TMS provides. 

In this e-book on the Uses & Benefits of a Transportation Management System we will explore:

  • The current state of and demands in the landscape of the TMS world, 
  • The uses and functions of a TMS, 
  • And then finally, if you are not convinced already about the benefits of a TMS from this first page alone, you’ll read in Chapter 3 a slew of TMS benefits. 

If after reading those benefits, you would like to take advantage of using a new TMS or using a system to help make transportation management more effective and reduce costs, you know where to go: Cerasis. 

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