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As we head into 2017, we are featuring our most read articles of 2016 in our five main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, LogisticsTransportation, and Freight. Yesterday, we published the top 5 Supply Chain stories from 2016.

Next, we focus on the top 5 Logistics stories of 2016. This year, our readers showed a massive interest in logistics technology, trends, and warehouse cost savings. So, without further to do, here are the top 5 Logistics stories of 2016.

The 5 Top Logistics Stories of 2016

1. Warehouse Statistics and KPIs Every Logistics & Warehouse Manager Should Know

When discussing warehouse statistics many key performance indicators are mentioned. Stock movement, order duration times, utilization of equipment and personnel, error rates and many more. So what are the most important figures needed to run a warehouse? Depending on the warehouse design and complexity there are at least a hand full of statistics that any manager needs.
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2. 3 Logistics Technology Trends in 2016: Automation Leads the Way

Innovations in technology are changing how the world does business, and technology is dramatically changing how entities in the logistics industry function in nearly every aspect. From increased affordability and efficiency of the transportation management system (TMS) to the application of Bluetooth technology for superior tracking of product movements, 2016 will be the year in which technology becomes an integral, if not the exclusive, part of the shipping process. Now, it’s easy to think of technology as being a manufacturer-only realm. Yet, technology breakthroughs are further pushing the bounds on what we see as normal shipping standards. Let’s take a look at what logistics technology trends will become the dominant factors of the logistics industry for 2016.
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3. Warehouse Cost Reductions: 3 Understandings Driven By Inventory Management & Lean Principles

This is the second part of my series on various ways to reduce overall costs as it relates to logistics and warehouse cost reductions. In the first part I put forth 6 areas of focus in order to reduce logistics costs. Today, I will now address how a focus on inventory will allow for warehouse cost reductions as well. These are based on my 40 years working in operations at Schwinn and other companies as well as consulting many companies on how to select the best 3PL for my client’s needs. If you need help, feel free to contact me or visit my website at
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4. Logistics Cost Reduction: 6 Focuses to Create More Profit

This is the first of a two-part series where I will curate and cull information from my 4 decades of experience in logistics cost reduction at various positions in the supply chain. In this first part, I will focus on 6 places that you can apply to your organization to reduce costs and increase profit. According to the CSCMP’s “State of Logistics” Report from 2015, logistics costs now make up over 8% of the GDP. Any percentage less for your business with logistics costs as a percent of your revenue, goes straight to the bottom line. 
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5. 3 More Advanced Technology Trends in Logistics in 2016: Welcome to the Hyperconnected Logistics Industry

The shipping industry of 2016 is a gross misrepresentation of what was considered “normal” shipping practices in the 1980s or 1990s. This is due in part to significant changes and improvements in how the logistics industry perceives and responds to the demands of a growing customer base. Although the use of transportation management systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and robotics, is dramatically changing the logistics landscape, several other technologies will become key players in the logistics industry in 2016. After taking a look at the automation technology trends in logistics from our first post, take a look at how these technology trends in logistics will grow and what impact they will have for the industry.
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Those are the top logistics articles for 2016. Want to be featured on our blog? Send us an email and if it fits in with the overall message we are trying to put out there (education) we’d love to feature you. Or, do you have a blog you’d want to have us check out? Send it to us too!