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For a Freight Forwarding Company, the benefits of TMS are endless. What is TMS, you ask? Well, Transport Management Systems are exactly what the name suggests! TMS helps companies manage the transportation operations of their business, and so it’s no wonder that these systems are making their way into the Freight industry. The question is, however, how can Transport Management Systems actually help the Freight industry?

Improvements in Customer Service

When it comes to customer service within the Freight Industry, Transport Management Systems can play a huge part in improving the services a company can provide its customers. Not only can a company provide more information about a shipment to their customers in the way of tracking and delivery information – a must in this ‘instant gratification’ era – but they can also use the data from this system to improve the overall experience of their company. A TMS can give a business easy access to their accumulating data, and ultimately help them find the most cost-effective and efficient options for their services.

Warehouse Efficiency

Having increased control over your transport options can help you improve the efficiency of other areas of your business, particularly the warehouse operations. By integrating your TMS into your warehouse management, you can have deliveries organized and loaded up in record time. Not only does it increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the warehouse as a whole, but by improving efficiency it can improve your customer relationships too – a benefit you can’t pass up!

Inventory Reductions and Improvements

With a TMS, companies can have an extra level of confidence in their services. With a TMS you can more accurately predict just how much inventory you can or need to take or store at any one time, and improve how prepared you are for any eventuality your business might incur by having the resources you need. Accurate forecasts of your shipments are important, especially with the rapid growth of all things eCommerce! Customers have expectations, and your company need to fill them. A TMS can not only help you work out how to do that, but provide you with the tools to ensure your improvements go smoothly.

Improved Data Accuracy

The improvements in data accuracy that a TMS can provide are just some of the main reasons that companies all over the world are taking on transport management systems. Integrating TMS into other management systems such as warehouse management, or resource planning systems can reduce or sometimes even eliminate the need for manual data entry – and therefore eliminate the risk of incorrect entries through human error. A TMS can ensure accuracy, and make it easier than ever to access and understand data relating to your business.

Cash Flow Improvements

With all of the benefits of Transport Management Solutions, it’s no surprise that they can all lead to an improvement in the cash flow a business has. By improving customer service, data accuracies and inventory, a business can find that they are not only bringing in more money at a more rapid pace due to a newfound efficiency, but may also find that they are wasting less money. TMS can mean that a shipper can save money on invoices, down to 5-10% of the original cost, all while helping you ensure that resources aren’t being wasted or overstocked.