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As a third party logistics provider who focuses on offering proprietary transportation management software that is web based, as well as management services to better manage and procure transportation for our clients freight, we had no shortage of transportation blogs in our 200 blog posts published in 2013. They ran the gamut of talking about technology as well as huge government issues that faced the transportation industry. Even our transportation terminology blog post hit the list and was one of the last posts of the year! Clearly there is great interest in transportation, as many freight shippers see that 60% of costs are related to transportation. So, please read each one, especially the ones that involved great change in the industry. By reading these top transportation blogs by page views from the Cerasis blog, you will come away with a good grasp on the current transportation landscape.

Top 10 Transportation Blogs of 2013

The following transportation blogs or listed in most popular to least popular order. If you would like to read all of our transportation blogs, feel free to browse the transportation category.

  1. New Hours of Service Rules Explained With Compliance Date Coming July 1, 2013: It is sure a busy year for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Along with the myriad of updates and provisions going into effect on October 1, 2013 in the MAP-21 ACT, July 1st brings another deadline for compliance for the FMCSA and those who operate motor carriers: New Hours of Service rules go into effect. Read more. 
  2. What is Map-21 and 8 Effects on the Freight Industry: If you’re asking what is Map-21, and work in freight, you are not alone. As MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act) comes closer to the requirements of the act going into effect this October 1, there are many facets to the Act which will affect those in the freight and transportation industries. Indirectly, this will greatly affect those who ship freight, such as manufacturers and distribution companies. If you run a supply chain, it’s important you also know about MAP-21, as it could impact the delivery of your products to customers or you receiving supplies from your vendors.  Read more.
  3. The Definitive Guide to Transportation Terminology to Stay on the Same Logistics Page: Whether you’re new to transportation industry, a veteran, or want to understand transportation terminology, this reference guide is for you. Read more.
  4. transportation blogs 2013How Will The Government Shutdown Affect Logistics & Transportation? If you work in the logistics or transportation industry moving freight, it’s important to know how the government shutdown affected you. Read More.
  5. Major LTL Freight Carriers Announce General Rate Increases for Non-Contract Shipments: Expert carrier relationship management and LTL rate negotiation with LTL freight carriers puts money back in your pocket. Read More.
  6. What is the Trucking Capacity Crunch & 4 of the Major Contributing Factors: If you are a shipper, the trucking capacity crunch will affect your freight costs and how you get your product to your customer on time. Read More.
  7. Food Transportation Issues: An Overview of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA): It’s important to know all the issues in transportation. Learn how the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act affects food transportation. Read More.
  8. Transportation Management More Costly as Tighter Capacity from HOS Drives up Trucking Rates: The FTR Associates’ Trucking Conditions Index report expects increased carrier rates in the fall making transportation management vital. Read More.
  9. Trucking Fuel Surcharges: When In The Know of How Carriers Can Decrease Fuel Consumption, Shippers Win: Tired of trucking fuel surcharges? These tips on how carriers can decrease fuel consumption puts shippers in the driving seat. Read More.
  10. How to Meet $75,000 Freight Broker Bond Requirement: Learn How to Meet $75,000 Freight Broker Bond Requirement which went into effect on 10/1 and enforcement on November 1st. Read More.

If you follow the transportation industry, what are your favorite transportation blogs to read? What type of transportation content would you like to see from us in 2014?