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Cerasis, Inc. Announces Latest Release of Proprietary Transportation Management System, The Cerasis Rater

transportation management system cerasis rater

Cerasis Rater 4.0 continues to stay on the technological edge of emerging freight and transportation technology with this latest iteration.

what is transportation and logistics - logistics executives(Eagan, MN) — Cerasis Inc., a top third party logistics company, servicing North American shippers shipping modes via less-than-truckload, truckload, and small package (parcel), announces the launch of the Cerasis Rater 4.0 on November 12, 2013. Today, Cerasis, Inc. is a dominant freight logistics company and freight technology service provider by empowering customers to better manage freight resources, processes, and management through the proprietary transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater, and freight management services to the company’s more than 3,600 customers.

A Brief History of Transportation Management System: The Cerasis Rater

This is the fourth version of the Cerasis Rater in it’s 15 year history, with version 1.0 available first to the public on July 1, 1998 making freight management more efficient to all by offering one of the world’s first less-than-truckload logistics industry web-based freight management software.

Cerasis then continued to listen to both customer and internal feedback to iteratively improve the effectiveness of the Cerasis Rater TMS, by launching Cerasis 2.0 on June 13, 2001. This launch featured the administrative portal as an add-on to the shipper side view.

The administrative portal allows for our freight specialists and freight management customer service reps to more easily access necessary documents and handle customer routing. This launch was aimed to increase both customer service and operational efficiency, laying the groundwork for robust freight analysis and reporting.

Then, as a continued focus on improvement and effectiveness of Cerasis’ powerful transportation management system, Cerasis Rater 3.0 was launched. This move was both aesthetic to better match the look and feel of an online bill of lading form, which increases user experience and decreases errors, and it also added more flexibility and meets emerging web standards by moving from a classic ASP framework to an ASP .Net framework.

Cerasis Rater 4.0 Details

Cerasis continued its philosophy and mission of continuous improvement in technological capability and ease of use by customers and employees with the Cerasis Rater 4.0 launch. The main focus was however on the user interface and the look and feel to better match emerging simplistic web designs in order to make the experience better for the end user. Here are the updates at a glance:

  • transportation management system user interfaceMoved to Current .Net framework v4.5 in order to continue to offer the latest technology to ensure seamless use and overall uptime for users.
  • Created a more unified interface by way of design, including updates to the main navigation icons, softer color textures, and emerging design fonts.
  • Screens have been centered and a max width of 1024 pixels has been set based on data from the current user base and their reported screen resolution, thus all applications have been widened to take advantage of the 1024 size.
  • Tabbed applications have a new look and are also widened.

Cerasis Rater Transportation Management System Capabilities

The Cerasis Rater is one of the industry’s leading transportation management systems with a big focus on the management of less-than-truckload shipping, with 95% of Cerasis business coming from LTL shipping. For review, the Cerasis Rater has the following capabilities:

  • True lane based rating engine. Cerasis’ desires to rate per lane to have shippers realize the best price and transit time based on their choice.
  • Shipments rated and presented on screen in least cost order with carrier transit and limit of liability information.
  • Shipment control panel to expedite shipment processing and auto-schedule pickups.
  • Guaranteed shipment costs allow shippers to bill product and freight costs simultaneously without waiting for the freight bill.
  • Quick quote feature for sales and purchasing personnel.
  • Complete visibility of all shipment activity.
  • Inbound receiving report to assist with planning and scheduling.
  • Powerful tools and reports to help manage trends and ensure compliance.
  • Organization views to facilitate management of all shipping locations.
  • Online invoice center provides electronic invoice access, adjustment requests, and payment options enabling shippers to go “paperless”.
  • Customer satisfaction tools including automatic email shipment notifications with tracking links.

The overarching goal since the founding of Cerasis was and still is to offer common sense, practical, and user friendly tools and services to manufacturers, distributors, and all shippers of freight. The founders of Cerasis understood if their freight technology solutions and services were complicated and only created more headaches, they may sell a few companies, but they wouldn’t keep them.

Furthermore, the founders understood the importance of not outsourcing their technology solution as they knew customer-iterated software needs extreme nimbleness and flexibility to keep up with customer demand. So, their first hire was in the technology department, and from day one, the Cerasis TMS, the Cerasis Rater, was developed from the ground up by employed, not contracted, developers. To this day, those same developers work for Cerasis, continually improving the Cerasis Rater TMS solution to match the needs of shippers, vendors, employees, emerging web standards, and the regulations of the industry. To date, this dedicated technology team has not only built the web-based Cerasis Rater, but also the Mobile TMS version, a portal for our carrier partners to access invoice information, an internal billing system for better freight accounting, and the world’s first ever end-to-end LTL  management shipping application for e-commerce shipping carts.