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Editor’s Note:  Today is a guest blog from our friend Corey Bennett. Corey is a retired truck driver who currently writes about the transportation industry. In this blog, Corey discusses some very helpful trucking apps to today’s truckers.

In the ever-connected world of smart devices and intelligent cars, there are helpful apps that can help any traveler along their journey. But did you know that there are apps that are designed strictly for truckers?

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, ways to stay healthy on the road or just trying to make your haul a little easier, there are helpful apps that can make any destination or backslide easier. Don’t get caught up in living in the past: the future is now and, if you take the time, you can find apps for your smartphone or tablet that will make any long haul better.

Trucking Apps For Fun

Staying entertained is a number one priority for a long haul. You need to break up the hours with something that keeps your interest. Luckily, there are several apps that can help with that.

If you like music, nothing beats Pandora. You can customize playlists and select songs that will keep your head bobbing all the way down the road. When you pull over for a rest, you can fall asleep to movies on Netflix or Amazon. Hulu is great for catching up on television shows that you may miss while on the road.

If you are into podcasts, then Apple has a great collection of long or short casts that cover any subject you may be interested in, from science to history to fishing.

Trucking Apps For Business

When you’re on the road you do have a job to do, so why not make it easier on yourself? Take advantage of the app store and find one that helps you drive more efficiently.

Waze is a great application to stay ahead of traffic problems. It’s free and it gathers all kinds of information about road conditions, from accidents to police activity to potholes and construction zones. It also let you know gas prices and nearby places to rest.

There are also apps that let you stay ahead of any dreary paperwork, stay compliant with your truck and that can connect to your truck to monitor critical situations like oil pressure, fuel economy and hard braking.

Trucking Apps For Safety

There are a number of apps that can help truckers drive more safely on their routes.

FleetSafer mobile helps drivers avoid distracted driving. When activated, the app automatically intercepts all incoming emails and text message and replies with a message that reads, “I’m driving.” This lets the sender know that you are unable to talk and you will get back to them later.

You always want to avoid a semi-truck accident, but if you find yourself in one, contact your company and make sure to also contact a lawyer, like Both will offer instructions on how to proceed and what information you need to collect to protect yourself if there is any litigation in the future. There are also several apps that can help you document any damage to your truck or another vehicle.

Just because you drive a truck doesn’t mean there aren’t apps to make your life easier.

helpful trucking apps infographic

Corey Bennett is a retired truck driver. Initially asked to write a piece for the company website, Corey hasn’t looked back since and is now getting his writing published on trucking and business blogs around the internet.