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If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then that is more or less true when it comes to infographics. Combining images, text and explanatory notes backed by numbers and interesting facts, infographics are easy to navigate and extremely informative.

In some intriguing yet minimalistic way, infographics provide the basic explanation of a topic or a trend. Just as in the following five examples that reveal interesting data related to the trucking industry. Most certainly, trucking statistics are easy to digest if they are presented in a fun way, with lots of color and less clutter.

Let’s take a look at these trucking industry trends and what kind of facts they provide.

5 Trucking Industry Infographics Worth the Quick Look

#1. American Truckers

trucking industry american truckers

Click image above to enlarge for full

Wow! Did you know that if all 15.5 million U.S. commercial trucks line up end to end, they will cover the distance to the Moon – some 240,000 miles!

Beautifully executed by MandLoys for, this infographic contains tons of useful information, starting with driver demographics, going through drivers’ average yearly income in 2012, to fuel consumption and top trucking companies. True to their playful sense of humor, the creators have even included a category “Must Have Movies for Truck Lovers.” Smokey and the Bandit, anyone? Get watchin’!

#2. A Hidden Giant

trucking industry hidden giant

Click image above to enlarge for full infographic. Uship /

Done by uShip, this infographic shows us how the trucking industry is vital to our living and the overall economic functioning of the country. So, if you are comfortably sipping French wine in a nice restaurant, nibbling on Pacific Northwest salmon, thank the trucking industry.

According to the infographic, the annual value of shipped goods comes to the staggering number of 139,463,000,000. Out of this number, a 15% share have new furniture and other manufactured products being transported around the country. They are immediately followed by agricultural items and fish products, so needed for the nourishment of the population.

In addition, the fuel consumption is also quite impressive. The trucking industry uses some 52,300,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year while delivering the basics for our sustenance almost to our door.

#3. Trucking Industry Facts

trucking industry facts infographic

Click image above to enlarge for full /

Here the raw facts of the industry in terms of revenue and operational costs are presented in a plain and easy to follow manner. The infographic was published in August 2013, so it pertains to industry numbers for 2012. Thus, the total revenue for that year came to $225 billion.

The authors break down the average operating ratio for every dollar, which comes to 95.2 cents operational cost against 4.8 cents profit. Moreover, the average operating cost per mile has been calculated at $1.78 and $83.63 per hour.

A piece of trivia: the trucking industry logs in a year an estimated 432,9 billion miles – enough to circle the world 17 million times!

#4. 2013 In the Rear View Mirror

trucking industry 2013 in the rear view mirrorClick image to enlarge for full infographic. DAT Solutions /

This infographic was posted in, a volunteer group that provides information and training resources for fellow drivers. There are so many interesting facts presented here, yet I find the overview of the trucking industry new regulations especially useful.

The new Hours of Service (HOS) that became effective on July 1, 2013 are mentioned, along with the increase of the freight broker surety bond from $10,000 to $75,000. The latter, however, has had quite a bit of impact on the industry, forcing several thousands of freight brokers out of business.

Since the shortage of truck drivers is a constant issue discussed within the industry, this infographic provides some hopeful numbers. It states that in 2013, more than 22,000 jobs were added, which accounted to 1.6 % increase over 2012.

#5. Bright Future for American Truckers and Freight Brokers

This is an infographic posted by JW Surety Bonds, one of the largest bonding agencies in the country.

trucking industry jw surety bondsClick to enlarge for full infographic.

Along with the trucking industry related major statistics, there are some interestingly amusing fact such as the one that half of truck drivers spend more than 200 nights of the year out there on the road. That number cannot come even close to the time most young people spend going out or partying.

On a more serious note, the trucking industry is responsible for the transportation of 9.4 billion tons of freight, which is 70% of the total tonnage shipped in the U.S. every year.

Where did the assurance for bright future come from? Predictions are that in the next four years, truckload volumes will grow by 3.2% annually. Spelled out, such statistics mean more jobs and revenue increase, which entails good business for all parties involved.

Did you find any of the trucking industry infographics particularly useful and interesting? Perhaps, you have an idea about a topic and want to see an infographic created to illustrate it?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!




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