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This month, the Truckload Team is highlighting Specialized Services; specifically the Intermodal and Volume / Partial (VPTL) operations teams.

Intermodal Team

We will first highlight the Intermodal Team.   Since the department’s inception in January of 2012, the Intermodal department has seen tremendous growth. In 2012, the Intermodal team completed 792 shipments totaling $1.97 million in total Revenue. At the end of 2014, the Intermodal team finished with 2,305 shipments, which totaled $5.64 million (65% revenue growth in two years). For the year 2015, we are currently at $2.80 million. This puts us on pace to reach $6.19 million in revenue for 2015.

Our margins for Intermodal have also increased year over year. In 2012, the Intermodal team reached $173,916; in 2014, we grew that number to $506,948 (66% margin growth in two years).

By utilizing a combination of asset-based, asset –lite carriers, and IMCs Globaltranz predominantly offers “door to door” service for our customers as well as “ramp to ramp” pricing in select markets. Contingent upon volume, we have the ability to lock in long term rates (60/90/180 day or year-long) which protects our rates from volatility in the container market.

Intermodal can also be an advantageous mode of shipping internationally. Currently our carriers offer inbound and outbound Mexico services in select lanes and we’re in the process of onboarding Canadian National and Canadian Pacific, which will further strengthen our market share north of the border.


Volume and Partial Department (VPTL)

Our Volume and Partial Department (VPTL) has also experienced significant growth over the past two years. In 2012, the VPTL team hit $1.29 million in revenue; 2014, the VPTL team finished at $8.46 million in revenue (85% increase in a two year span). At our current pace for 2015, we look to finish the year around $9.94 million in revenue.

During this timeframe, our TL Partial carrier network has grown considerably allowing us to more aggressively spot rate lanes that align with carrier needs. This has helped reduce turnaround time on volume quotes associated with the common carriers. Having the ability to utilize both common and contract carriers has bolstered our coverage while increasing our margins.

“One of the most exciting aspects of working at GlobalTranz the past three years for me has been experiencing the tremendous growth of the organization, particularly within the Specialized Services division.  Knowing we possess the ability to positively influence our agencies and sales reps in growing their businesses every day is a humbling, challenging, yet gratifying responsibility.”  

– Brian Sepe, Manager of Specialized Services


If you want to contact one of these departments, please use the emails listed below:

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