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Truckload Topics Top 5Truckload Topics – West Coast Van department

This month we are highlighting the West Coast Van department. Since 2013, the WC Van Department was able to onboard an significant amount of National Accounts such as Heinz, Henkel, Niagara, 99cents, Samsung, Fiji Water, U.S Foods and Pepsi. With the on-boarding of these accounts, GlobalTranz has seen tremendous growth in the West Coast and will continue to make huge strides in 2016.

In 2013, the West Coast department completed over 8,000 shipments totaling in $13 million in revenue and $1.2 million in margin. At the end of 2014, West Coast finished with 15,000 shipments and just over $24 million in revenue (54% revenue growth in one year) with an additional $2.7 million in margin. In 2015, we are currently sitting at 24,000 shipments, $30 million in revenue, and $4.2 million in margin. Those numbers will continue to increase with more accounts currently being on boarded.

The West Coast Van Manager is Johnny Lopez. He started here at GlobalTranz in March of 2013 as a Midwest Flatbed Broker. With his excellent work ethic, Johnny was promoted to Carrier Sales Training Manager. He was then transferred to the East Coast Van Manager. In 2014, GlobalTranz moved Johnny Lopez to the West Coast Van Manager. With his well-rounded truckload knowledge, it was a very easy transition for Johnny to move to the West Coast.

“In my two years of employment at GlobalTranz, I have been immersed in the truckload industry. During my time I have been involved with multiple divisions and teams which has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the freight industry. The first few years were nothing short of a roller coaster ride as I was utilized to help the truckload department grow in so many ways with my hard work and leadership. Through all of these changes this has allowed me to adapt to the industry and has put me in a better place to be successful at Globaltranz.” – Johnny Lopez

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