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Cerasis Inc., held a live webinar entitled “The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management” on June 6th, 2017. Those who were not able to attend can now download a live replay of this highly educational webinar on a very important subject. This webinar is perfect for shippers of all sizes. to get educational material covering all things freight claims.

The Latin phrase “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” may be the most quoted maxim of our information age—Knowledge is Power. 

One unsung area where properly applied knowledge yields power is comprehensive freight claims management. An old joke asks, “What’s the easiest way to be a millionaire?” The answer: “First, get a million dollars.” So what’s the easiest way to manage your claims? First, get knowledge.

The Cerasis freight claims management team instructs shippers on how to first understand freight claims, damage, & loss and then files the freight claim on the shippers’ behalves, following up with both carriers and shippers until the claim is satisfied. In fact, all of our freight claims managers, are certified through the Institute of Logistical Management by passing their extensive freight claims course.

In this 60 to 75 minute freight claims webinar, you will come away learning the following information:

  • An Introduction to the Laws Governing the Freight Claim Process
  • Guide to Understanding Freight Claims
  • How to Manage Freight Claims
  • How to Remain Proactive vs. Reactive in Freight Damage & Loss Claims
  • How Expertise and Technology Eases the Burdens of Freight Claims
  • Question & Answer Session

This educational webinar is perfect for North American shippers who are interested in either managing freight claims better or looking to an outsourced provider to drive value in the area of freight management and take the entire burden of freight claims off their shoulders.