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By: Bradley Hartwig | Senior Product Manager

What Makes Our Technology Better

“Highly visionary companies liberate themselves with the “Genius of the AND” the ability to embrace both extremes of a number of dimensions at the same time” – Jim Collins from Built to Last”


Everyone knows that big companies can be slow. They can be slow to adapt, slow to respond and slow to innovate. There is a reason why big companies continue to buy small companies, and that is because those small companies have innovated, and pushed into a new niche that big companies just can’t explore. A new niche often becomes a market leader and industry game-changer. But being small is also dangerous; resources can limit you. People and financials can be scarce. Expanding any niche into the game-changing market often requires influence above and beyond what a small company can muster.


Here’s the problem. How can you act small while being big? Here at GlobalTranz, we’ve found a solution. We’ve built internal teams that act with all the autonomy and passion of a small company, while maintaining the support and resources of a bigger company. Our product teams are simultaneously maintaining our exemplary suite of top-end products while also experimenting with new and exciting technologies, which will pave the future of freight.


As Jim Collins says of Visionary companies, they’ve rejected the tyranny of the “OR” and embraced the brilliance of “AND”. Here at GlobalTranz, we take advantage of the agility of small teams AND we have the influence and resources of a large stable organization. Join our team and see the difference that can be made with GlobalTranz AND you.


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Bradley Hartwig | Senior Product Manager


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