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[WHITE PAPER] The Guide to Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs thru Effective Transportation Management Practices

Reduce Parcel Shipping

Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Guide to Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs thru Effective Transportation Management Practices” white paper!

Parcel shipping processes reflect some of the most labor- and time-intensive aspects of modern shipping strategies. Shippers may be sending out millions of small packages, depending on company size, and carriers exist in every corner of the world to handle small packages. The package’s journey may involve dozens of individual carriers, countless local, regional, national, and international regulations, and risk of small package damage is higher than virtually any other transportation mode.

Thanks to these intensive processes involved in parcel and the pitfalls to avoid like invoice overcharges or damages, shippers need to learn effective transportation management practices to reduce parcel shipping costs.

Contents in the White Paper to Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs

Shippers will learn the following effective transportation management best practices to aid in the quest to reduce parcel shipping costs:

  • An Analogy to Get Your Mind In The Game Of Parcel Shipping And Its Real-World Implications
  • How to Control the Cost Of “Free Shipping” With Enterprise Parcel Shipping Analytics
  • Additional Best Practices to Boost Parcel Spend Management, Without Throwing In The Towel
  • Best Practices to Calculate Customer Shipping Charges And Reduce Transportation Costs
  • The Importance of Parcel Invoice Auditing to Catch Errors & Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs

We hope you learn a thing or two from this industry leading white paper.

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