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Relationships are the basis for everything meaningful in life. Knowing someone personally to help arrange a critical shipment of inventory to your distributor is crucial to your success. Having that relationship in your corner means that you and your organization can succeed. GlobalTranz’s technologies serve one higher purpose, which is to bring you closer to the people on your team. Our software is built to help grow the relationships between brokers and carriers, agents and customers, accounting and support. In a recent brainstorming meeting, GlobalTranz Capacity Manager Paul Jones said it perfectly, “Our value add is people!”

Joining the GlobalTranz family is more than just adopting a new technology platform to run your business, it’s adopting a family of relationships to keep in your pocket for when you need them. Our products are designed to help you find those relationships at the right time. Clean and efficient product workflows also give you more time to build your own relationships. With our incredible technologies and your dedication, you’ll have the time to take care of the most important relationships in your life: family.

Our value add is people; our technology only serves to bring our people closer.

Worldwide Express and GlobalTranz to Join Forces
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