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Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Nicole Lewis who talks about embracing the idea of women in logistics for top-level talent.

When a young lady turns into grown up, and it is time to make a decision about a future career, how many parents will consider the logistic profession as a good choice? In the variety of modern specializations, they would rather recommend studying one of the liberal sciences. It includes medical care, social workers, and many other. Lately, such academic services as Edubirdie and translation agencies as are becoming more and more popular. In fact, today limitations can be found neither in study opportunities nor among job offers. Why are there still leftovers of prejudices, which prevent smart women from becoming a highly appreciated specialist in the logistic industry? Or is the equality problem still existing in the field? 

Where smart female children study after school? 

If there is a child, which is bright enough to learn mathematics, logistics, basics of programming, maybe physics or other exact sciences, what can prevent her/him from becoming a good specialist? The answer is gender. Around hundred years ago women were not allowed to gain an education. Today they can become mechanics, physics, doctors, mathematicians, programmers, and even soldiers, which only a few decades ago was hardly imaginable. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world women are still prevented from education. 

Did we reach the educational integration? 

Legislation of the most countries in the world allows every person to gain education regardless of gender, nationality, political and religious beliefs. Still, we cannot ignore the fact that it still plays an important role in choose of specialization. Is logistics a good career choice for women? Do we still have to consider a woman as a keeper of the Hearthside? What about two or more years of career development, which will be spent with a child instead? 

Why work in logistics? 

Logistic is a good choice for everyone who expressed excellent knowledge of mathematics or logic. Today we have a 35% of female logistic graduates. 65% of male graduates is the highest percentage in any business fields. Median salary is 69,000 USD for men and 57,000 USD for women, which shows that there is still not enough equality. According to recent polls, both men and women believe, that female approach to the supply chain management, which is sometimes more efficient. 

Why are women  in logistics and supply chain management jobs handled efficiently? 

The performance efficiency doesn’t depend on the gender. That is the main politics of every modern company. As long as a person is educated and has a strong knowledge, he or she will show good results. There are differences in performance depending on the personal approach, way of thinking, type of personality, psychological background and many other various factors. All of them have different approaches. It is true though that women nature prescribed them more patience and persistence. Monotone work is easier; they can do it longer, usually in a more attentive way. In this sense, tasks can be performed in a precise and correct manner. 

More professionals mean more profit 

When there are women in logistics who can perform complicated tasks, why not to use this opportunity in the field? Skilled professionals are appreciated in any branch business. Supply chain management needs more qualified people, who are ready to overcome stress, deal with responsibility, navigate processes, and have advanced communicative and management skills. Attracting more female companies can acquire more professionals and as a result enlarge benefits of the business. Gender studies show that female personalities stay patient longer, can better control emotions while proceeding routine tasks, stay concentrated longer and as a result can become an appreciated and highly efficient employee. 

How to attract new graduates to the field? 

Today there are a lot of programs which help to acknowledge which specialization is the best for future education, to find a work-life balance, to create more career opportunities, and to implement gender equality in workplaces. Most of them are functioning successfully and have positive results. They are helpful while making the career decisions and finding harmony, which tries to achieve each person. It is important to proceed implementation of the programs on new levels and to support received results. 

Career opportunities for Women in Logistics 

In 2013 according to The Guardian, the logistic field doesn’t offer a broad range of career opportunities. This was connected to the poor career management. On the example of the UK, it is clear, that the diversity problem still exists in this field. In 2013 only 25% of women were employed there. It influenced an internal atmosphere of the companies and forced further investigation of the issue which is still taking place. During the investigation and implementation of various programs, the light was spread to the following fact: creating workplaces for women in logistics is one of the most important questions on the agenda. 


One of the most famous programs created for involving female coworkers to logistic and supply chain management is called Women in Logistics and Transport. It exists for three years, includes more than 1700 members from many countries in the world. Each member can create a local group. For that reason, each participating country has a local coordinator, which helps in organizational issues connected with a career. The 64 pages online brochure explains the history, idea, aims, and achievements of the WiLAT activities. The website of the program is impressive. This is a serious step in front of liquidation of inequality in this field of business.