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Working with Freight brokers is important for a business of any size to successfully deal with import and export by efficiently moving freight cargo through customs. Dealing with customs and waiting for shipments to be cleared for entry can be time-consuming, and time is money, but with a freight broker by your side, you can focus on running your business while they take care of logistics and ensure a smooth and fast transit. 

Let’s take a look at the numerous ways working with freight brokers helps your business. 

Is Your Broker Legitimate? 

Being one of the most strictly regulated industries in the world, you can easily find out if a freight broker is legitimate by checking if they have the necessary approval of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, or DIBP for short. If the company is registered with DIBP, you can rest assured they are operating legally.  

You can examine a customs broker’s track record by visiting online forums and searching for reviews, but also inquiring with the legal bodies and the people working with customs control. Also, try to find brokers who specifically deal with the goods you’re shipping, that will raise the probability of finding an ideal broker.  

Finally, don’t be dissuaded from working with freight brokers whose credentials fit your needs if the first shipment does not go exactly as planned, as it usually takes some time to get the details just right. 

What Your Broker Needs 

If you want to make the best out of your relationship with your freight broker, there has to be a mutual exchange of transparent information. In order for the broker to do a successful job a pushing your shipments through customs offices quickly and efficiently, you need to provide them with all the details regarding your shipments and business. 

Let’s move onto the benefits. 

Working With Freight Brokers Gets You the Best Shipping Options 

Rather than scouring the industry in the search for the best possible shipping options, a freight broker will do that for you. Thanks to their knowledge and connections within the industry, they will save you valuable time and money. With their deep understanding of the “playing field” and personal connections, freight brokers are able to get the best bids from a multitude of companies you would never consider. 

Working with freight brokers will ensure the best possible conditions for every shipment with the carrier service and will approach every load with attention and diligence. 

Let Them Handle the Laws and Regulations 

One of the most daunting elements of import and export can be meeting state and federal laws and regulations, and making sure that your shipment, and business for that matter, doesn’t hit a red light at any point. With so many rules regarding freight shipping, it becomes almost impossible for an entrepreneur encumbered with the various difficulties of running a business to acquire detailed and professional knowledge in the field and run every shipment successfully. 

Knowing and working with every piece of regulatory legislation regarding trade and shipment, import and export, is what freight brokers are all about. It is their job to know exactly how to ensure your shipments have a fast and successful transit through customs so that you don’t have to. 

Resolve Logistical Problems 

You can think of a customs broker as a trouble-shooter – they have an extensive knowledge of the field and a substantial network of influential individuals and companies; so they know exactly whom to call and which strings to pull in order to secure your most important shipments. When dealing with specific issues regarding shipments such as weight, specific measurements and the load itself, it’s best to leave it to the freight broker to organize and secure the shipment in time, rather than realizing you’ve made a mistake somewhere along the way. 

Not All Brokers Were Created Equal 

You should choose a broker in accordance with your needs and the size of the company. A smaller brokerage firm doesn’t mean they are unable to deliver excellent results, and a big broker firm doesn’t necessarily have to deliver the best possible results. That is why research and inquiry are of the utmost importance when choosing your broker. 

Naturally, a big firm will be able to handle vast amounts of traffic with their resources and manpower and if you have an established business dealing with daily shipping, you should invest in an established brokerage. On the other hand, a smaller brokerage can significantly decrease expenses and bring excellent results to start-ups dealing with low to medium traffic volumes, as there is no need to employ a big brokerage firm. 


Every business can strategize and plan its success in the global market by implementing a smart investment mindset. Everything you pay for and every additional person or agency you employ has to be a means to a successful end, and rather than thinking of it as just another expense, think of it as a long-term investment. 

As your business grows, so do the demands and challenges that you must meet and overcome, and every established business in the world has professionals from different fields by their side, making the journey more successful and helping them reach their goals. 

Author Info:

Bruce Wahl is a contributor at Technivorz.