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LTL Shipping

LTL Shipping

You rate it, you schedule it, you manage it.

GlobalTranz offers a best-in-class proprietary Transportation Management System tailored to the needs of LTL shippers. provides an industry-leading, all-in-one solution for obtaining quotes, booking, and managing shipments.

Choose your carrier based on cost, transit time, and preference, from over 70+ carriers, and schedule with just one click!

Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping

At GlobalTranz, we understand our transportation and logistics customers are looking for ways to save time and money. Air freight shipping means on-time delivery is a top priority.

No matter where you’re shipping to or what you’re up against, our professional Expedited Services team can help. From NFO’s to economy ground services, we have the resources available to manage your shipment so you don’t have to.

Full Truckload

Full Truckload

GlobalTranz brings you the Full Truckload Advantage, encompassing a comprehensive, end-to-end range of cargo transit and logistics solutions, backed by cutting-edge shipping analytics and monitoring technology.

  • Reduced Cost Per Unit
  • Shortened Transit Times
  • More Insurance, Fewer Damages
  • Dedicated Capacity
  • Thousands of Carriers to Choose From
  • Rail or Rubber Tire Options
Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain

GlobalTranz has a nationwide network of warehouses to serve your company’s supply chain needs.

We leverage our large footprint to get the best rates and service for our customers. Our solutions allow you to lower transportation costs, increase fill-rates, and respond quickly to changes in customer demand.

With GlobalTranz, your supply chain moves faster and fuller, at a lower cost!

Who We Are

GlobalTranz is a privately held, Phoenix-based logistics company specializing in freight management services including LTL, Full Truckload, Supply Chain Management, and Domestic Air/Expedited shipping. We focus on innovative technology and partnering with sales professionals that possess energy, insight and a fervent customer service mentality.

Founded in 2003, GlobalTranz is a transportation management company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in LTL, FTL, Supply Chain Logistics and Warehousing. In addition to these services, GlobalTranz operates its own in-house Freight Forwarding Division via our Expedited Services department which offers expedited ground, ocean and air freight solutions. Local to National accounts engage our free state-of-the-art technology,, which optimizes the flow and storage of merchandise as the goods move within, and throughout, the customers' supply chain.

As one of the fastest growing transportation companies in the country, we have been recognized by the Inc....

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