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Parcel Spend Management

Capture Big Savings on Your Small Parcel Spend

The parcel industry is one of the fastest changing areas of logistics. GlobalTranz will help you stay ahead and capture savings.

Small parcel shipping is a critical component of the transportation mix for a growing number of organizations. While many companies take aggressive measures to manage their truckload and LTL shipping costs, small parcel costs often escape closer scrutiny, especially for small- to mid-sized businesses.

If your organization has not recently conducted a thorough audit of your small parcel spend or had a trained expert negotiate rates with your small parcel carriers, chances are you are leaving money on the table.

Capture Big Savings on Your Small Parcel Spend

Surprisingly, as many as 5% of the packages you ship may be eligible for refunds due to carrier errors — late deliveries, invalid resi-surcharges, and other billing mistakes. GlobalTranz’s parcel spend management solution leverages custom software to scan your small parcel invoices across 35 different audit points. We identify the erroneous charges, and we turn them into refunds that show up directly on your FedEx® and UPS® invoices.

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Realize instant 2-5% in hard cost savings.

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Capture an additional 3–7% in soft-dollar savings that drop to your bottom line for the long term.


Visibility & control with a real-time online dashboard.


Gainshare model based on actual savings.

Rate Negotiation

Minimal time investment. No upfront costs.

You owe it to yourself to connect with GlobalTranz’s expert team of small parcel industry veterans to bring home the real savings. With a minimal time investment and no upfront costs, you can leverage their inside knowledge to identify opportunities for savings and coach you through the negotiation process with your carriers to ensure you get the best discounts and rates available.

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Proven savings of 15-25%. Your free savings projection comes with the industry’s only 1/10 of 1% guarantee. We’ll even put it in writing.


No upfront fees, no hidden costs. You don’t save, we don’t get paid.


Requires a minimal time commitment of 3-4 hours over 5-6 weeks.

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Gain visibility & control with a weekly report card on carrier invoices and access to a real-time online dashboard.

Award-Winning Technology

Our award-winning logistics platform, GlobalTranz TMS, sets us apart from the competition by providing our clients an enterprise-level, ecommerce integration-ready, next-generation logistics platform that provides you the visibility, efficiency, and analytics to propel your business forward.

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    End-to-End Transportation Management

    From robust track and trace capabilities to real-time freight analytics, the GlobalTranz TMS provides a ‘control tower’ view of your shipments across all modes of transportation.

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    Access Virtually Unlimited Capacity

    With the GlobalTranz TMS, you gain immediate access to GlobalTranz’s network of 85,000+ highly qualified truckload carriers and 65+ local, regional, and national LTL carriers.

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    A Logistics Partner
    For The Long Haul

    When you partner with GlobalTranz, you are backed by one of the largest transportation management and logistics technology leaders in North America.

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Ready, Set, Save.

Contact GlobalTranz to get started on realizing big savings on your small parcel spend. Give us a call at 866-275-1407 or complete the form to have an expert reach out to you.