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When your enterprise projects require the delivery of oversized, heavy equipment, managing your shipping logistics can quickly become complicated. However, with the help of a trusted third-party logistics (3PL) provider like GlobalTranz, even your most complex jobs are easy to tackle. We'll help plan, execute and oversee the transport details of all your large, heavy and valuable equipment so you can focus on the big picture: growing your business.

What is project logistics?

Project logistics — also referred to as bulk logistics, project freight logistics or project cargo logistics — involves the meticulous planning, organization and execution of details for a specific project. And in some instances, these projects may also require the transportation of large or heavy equipment to a specific location - a construction site, for example. When transporting these often oversized, bulky and expensive pieces of equipment, the stakes are extremely high. Safety is a top priority for all parties involved, including the shipper, the carrier and even drivers who may pass the equipment on the road. That's why countless companies across the nation trust their biggest projects to project logistics companies that offer top 3PL freight services.

How can 3PL freight services from GlobalTranz help me manage my project logistics?

At Globaltranz, we work alongside companies to create efficiencies, mitigate risk and promote safety for employees and equipment. From the planning stage through project execution, we offer best-in-class support and industry-leading logistics expertise to help customers make the most of all their projects.

Here are six 3PL services from GlobalTranz that will help you manage and maximize your project cargo logistics.

1. Develop Comprehensive Project Plans

Logistics experts provide expertise and guidance from day one for each project, so it's important to pull them in early. Moving large or bulky equipment often requires special requirements that you may not be familiar with or haven't considered, but your project logistics expert will have insider knowledge about existing regulations and top 3PL freight services that will be critical to your project's success.

2. Conduct Site Surveys

Construction sites are hubs of activity. With trucks traveling in and out, machinery running near constantly and materials sprawled across the lot, it's important to inspect the area and ensure it's suitable for the weight and size of your equipment. Your logistics expert can conduct site surveys, collect data and come up with alternatives should you run into any safety concerns.

3. Select the Right Equipment

A logistics expert like GlobalTranz can help you determine what types of equipment you'll need for each part of your project, including when and how to transport it to the jobsite and the equipment needed to move your equipment once it gets to its final destination. From loading requirements to crane and rigging needs, our solutions have you covered. Plus, we connect shippers with our network of 85,000+ full truckload (FTL) carriers across the nation — all offering pre-negotiated top rates — to make finding safe, affordable project logistics solutions easier to find than ever before.

4. Identify Route Challenges and Restrictions

Did you know that a load's weight and size might limit when it's allowed to be transported on certain roadways? Bridges and tunnels may even make certain routes impassable for larger shipments. That's why your logistics expert will review possible routes and — if utilizing an alternate route or mode is off the table — may even consider additional creative measures like building a temporary bridge or other workarounds.

5. Determine Regulations and Requirements

Heavy equipment shipping is heavily regulated, making it difficult to create efficient project logistics solutions. Often, special permits, escorts and safety equipment — like flashing lights or signs — are required. A top-notch 3PL logistics expert will research all necessary requirements, documentation, permits and equipment ahead of time to help prevent unexpected costs or delays. Plus, GlobalTranz also makes it easy to add insurance and shipping protection to all your shipments, allowing you to rest easy.

6. Prepare Shipping Equipment

Just like with smaller shipments, properly packing bulky loads is vital to keeping your equipment (and other drivers) safe during transport. Before your cargo is strapped down for shipping, your logistics expert will analyze potential risks and come up with a list of solutions to ensure that your shipment is being transported in the safest, most efficient way.

Get Industry-leading Project Logistics Solutions from GlobalTranz

We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading 3PL freight services and top project logistics solutions for companies nationwide. With a network of 85,000+ FTL carriers, dedicated support staff and 20 years of industry expertise, we provide best-in-class solutions for shippers like you. Connect with one of our bulk freight experts to maximize your project logistics today!