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When you are driving a big rig you need to eat quickly so you can keep on moving. Sometimes you do not have time to stop for a good healthy meal. While it its important to get where you are going quickly, it is just as important for you to eat healthy so you stay awake at the wheel and are attentive to other cars and trucks around you. Here are eight ways for you to eat healthy while driving.

  1. Time management

You have varied driving schedules that can wreak havoc on planned meal times. Make sure you initiate some time management into your plan so you can stop and eat at more consistent times. Eating and snacking every four hours or so will help you maintain a more steady metabolism which will help keep you alert on the road.

  1. Quantity and quality

You do not have to eat three meals a day. You will want to eat about five to seven times during the day to help keep your blood sugar levels at a reasonable rate. Smaller meals and healthy snacks throughout the day will help you with your alertness and will help your body stay healthy. You will not feel dragged down like you do after eating three plates at a buffet once a day. Eating healthy will keep you on the road longer.

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  1. Stock up

If you have healthy snacks ready you will be less likely to eat something out of a vending machine at a truck stop. You can create a healthy pack to take with you on your drive. You will want to include things like protein bars, granola bars, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal bars, and other healthy options. You can make your own snacks, but if you prefer to buy them premade be sure to check the sugar levels. Get snacks with lower sugar levels to help you stay truly full and not just on a sugar high.

  1. Homemade lunch

You can make a healthy lunch to take with you. If you choose leaner proteins like chicken and turkey and whole grain bread you will feel full without the fat. Foods like doughnuts and fried lunches can be filling but they do not actually fill you up. Your sugar levels will rise and you will feel hungry sooner. Whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits, are great options for your lunch.

  1. Lunch on the go

If you do have to eat out for lunch you should try to choose a healthy option. While a salad might be the best choice, it can be hard to eat in your cab. You want to find something you can grab and go that has vegetables and grains. The 7-Layer Burrito is only $3.19 and is full of rice, vegetables, and low-fat sour cream. You can find other healthy options on the go and still feel comfortable and alert while you drive.

  1. Bring your own breakfast

It is easy to make a quick, healthy breakfast to take with you. Peanut butter toast with bananas combines fruit, grain, fiber and other healthy components and will fill you up for the road. Other options are oatmeal with fruit, a breakfast burrito with egg whites and beans, or some fresh fruit. You do not need to eat too much for breakfast as you will have healthy snacks to supplement your drive.

  1. Dinner

Dinner should also be light. While it might be easy to grab a large burger and some fries, it is better to scale down so you do not get tired. You can stop somewhere and get a chicken or fish option, but not fried. Grilled chicken or fish is full of protein to keep you awake and moving until you can get some rest.

  1. Drinks

While changing what you eat will be a big help in keeping you healthy, you also need to consider your drink choices. You should stop drinking any type of soda. Regular soda has too much sugar and diet is supplemented by sugar substitutes that are also not good. Drink plenty of water to help keep you hydrated and full. Unsweetened, plain, tea is also good. If you need coffee take it with cream only, no sugar. Also do not drink too much. Caffeine can also dehydrate you so for each cup of coffee you drink you should drink a couple of bottles of water.