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GlobalTranz Vice President of Enterprise Growth Andrew Whitty is an 18-year veteran of the shipping industry and currently provides cold chain logistics solutions to some of the largest food and beverage companies in the United States.

And now, he’s a 2022 “Rock Star of the Supply Chain,” an annual award bestowed by Food Logistics magazine to influential individuals whose achievements, hard work and vision have helped shape the global cold food supply chain during the past year.

Whitty and team help customers – 10 percent of which are food and beverage shippers – navigate supply chain disruptions through cutting-edge, innovative technology solutions, along with some old-fashioned customer service – with modern application.

According to Andrew: “How we serve our customers is quite complex — we really focus on a few key concepts: We are available when customers need assistance. We provide technology that solves their problems and creates efficiencies. We provide unparalleled customer service and educate our customers about what is going on in their industries. We provide solutions to challenges, no matter the size. And we stop their million-dollar problems from becoming billion-dollar problems.”

Recognition for Achievement in Food and Beverage Supply Chain Solutions

Food Logistics is the only news source dedicated to providing information on the movement of product through the global cold food supply chain. Its topics include food safety, trucking and warehousing, among other industry-related matters. JJ Lewis, GlobalTranz Senior Vice President of Commercial Services, was given “Rock Star” status by Food Logistics in 2021.

“It’s a team effort and company-wide commitment at GlobalTranz that creates success for food and beverage customers,” Whitty said. “We embody a commitment to excellence for all customers, including those working in the food and beverage supply chain and the unique challenges they are currently facing.”

Cold Chain Logistics Technology and Expertise

GlobalTranz knows that innovative technology is only as good as the expertise that supports it (and vice-versa), so our teams apply industry knowledge — whether in customer service, IT or account management — to our technology solutions for shippers.

For example, Whitty and team frequently engage with our Business Intelligence and Data Science practice, using predictive analytics to help clients analyze shipment data, identify areas for streamlining operations and improve future performance in the face of ongoing food and beverage supply chain challenges.

We also offer our award-winning technology, GlobalTranz TMS, to provide food and beverage shippers with an enterprise-level, integration-ready, next-generation logistics platform.

In short, we allow companies to determine their capacities and become as involved with the technology process as they can or want to be. That may mean a fully integrated team on the customer side, or relying on GlobalTranz to administer solutions in tracking, packaging options, cold-package consultation, expedited services and other necessities.

“We are a cutting edge, innovative solutions-provider that brings world-class cold chain logistics best practices to our food and beverage customers,” Whitty said. “We do that by applying market expertise and implementing technology solutions that ease processes for customers and keep them informed the entire way.”

Full-Service Food and Beverage Supply Chain Solutions

The combination of technology and industry expertise is how Whitty and his team at GlobalTranz provide food and beverage customers with dependable capacity, expert support, technology-driven agility and consistently reliable shipping services across all major freight modes.

“Today, it’s essential for shippers to forge strategic partnerships with 3PLs that can provide more than just transportation options. A responsive supply chain can mean the difference between profitability or disappointing financial results,” Whitty said.

The GlobalTranz network includes more than 120 best-in-class LTL carriers and over 50,000 active truckload carriers. And with 24/7 support, GlobalTranz provides shippers with the end-to-end transportation solutions they need to serve cold chain customers in an ever-changing shipping environment.

A Complete TMS Solution for Cold Chain Logistics

Key to any food and beverage shipping program is a transportation management system. With the GlobalTranz TMS platform you can:

  • Quote and tender shipments across all modes and geographies – from anywhere at any time from leading carriers with equipment and services available for food and beverage shippers.
  • Organize, view and process recent shipments, scheduled for pickup, and out-for-delivery shipments.
  • Track loads from booking to invoice, in real-time. This adds visibility to orders to ensure they arrive safely and on time.
  • Save time and increase productivity by accessing freight quotes, bills of lading, invoices, and shipping labels all within the same system.
  • Control shipping costs by scheduling inbound and vendor freight that follows your routing guide procedures.
  • Reduce overcharges and simplify freight bill settlement and audit processes.
  • Manage all your claims and rebilling centrally online.
  • Enhance productivity and drive profitability with machine learning and automation.
  • Access a business intelligence dashboard to discover actionable business efficiencies and insights.

Would you like to learn more about the GlobalTranz TMS and our full suite of cold chain logistics solutions? Connect with an expert today.