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November is long hailed as the month of the most massive sales, and the name of the most famous shopping day of the entire year is rooted in the power of selling, which occurs on the infamous Black Friday.  And there’s a new complication with uncertainty over the distribution of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. However, 2020 may well see the death of such a classic sales holiday as Black November for Logistics takes over. According to CNBC, “A typical Black Friday in previous years could equate to about an extra week of sales for some retailers, according to analytical intelligence firm 1010data. In recent years, however, Black Friday’s importance has faded. More retailers have offered similar sales online, making it possible for shoppers to browse and buy from their couch or on their smartphone rather than having to camp out.” Here are some ways Black Friday as a single shopping day has slowly been replaced by the idea of an entire month of sales and shopping, known throughout supply chains now as Black November for logistics and shipping.

The Supply Chain Trends to Know in 2020

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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Logistics and Shipping Now and For the Future

Many of the most popular big-box retailers have expressed a view of wanting a full month of sales, discounts, specials, and incentives for customers, not one crowded day of sales. Such a shift has had a massive impact on Black November for logistics and shipping managers by spreading out transport orders and making it easier to handle the shopping orders for both stores and online shopping.

 Lower stress, less overhead, fewer inventory issues, and more reliable staffing makes the Black November for logistics shift vital when it comes to insights for shippers and freight management teams. The changes implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdowns and health and safety protocols stand to change the face of shipping and freight transport now and for the foreseeable future.

The Effect Black November for Logistics is Having on the Freight and Shipping Industry

What has always set apart the holidays from other shopping peaks that occur throughout the rest of the year becomes the all-at-once rush of the Black Friday and Christmas holidays. Usually, these trends mean the days, weeks, and even months leading up to big sales days become full of freight managers rushing to ensure inventory remains available and orders fulfilled. With a Black November for logistics approach, things bode easier and more streamlined as the same amount of shipments can spread out over the entire month rather than being crammed into a few days’ deadline windows. Freight and shipping industry professionals must not ignore the results of the real impact of Black November for logistics; they must acknowledge and embrace it. Such an approach may well be vital to surviving after COVID-19. 

The Value and Importance of Embracing Black November Cannot Be Over-Emphasized 

Logistics professionals should consider why Black November for logistics represents an ongoing trend worldwide. Consider this.  According to DCL, “It’s now easier than ever to spin up an online store, and consumers are getting habituated to online buying. Ecommerce, as a percent of retail sales, continues to climb each year. The shift toward e-commerce isn’t a fad; this is here to stay.” Black November is a trend that must be embraced and faceted upon, no matter whether it lasts after the pandemic or not. The survival of shipping and logistic chains everywhere depends on making the most of the new long-term sales holiday.

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Deploy an Advanced TMS to Secure Black November for Logistics Efficiency Now and in the Future

Trends come and go, and at times, it can become challenging to know which ones to follow and which ones to ignore. But with a skilled and experienced consultant on anyone’s side, a company can be better prepared for whatever trends come and go within the shipping and freight management field. Contact Cerasis today to learn more about how Black November for logistics and similar trends can impact a freight management and logistics platform.