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Companies must put a lot of thought into transforming their TMS. There are many things to consider when they need to evolve systems of record. Taking the leap of faith and opting to choose an automated TMS can be tricky. Luckily, there are many resources out there that can help identify the correct automated TMS that is right for a company. Many different items are factored in when making this decision, but also it may be a massive feat to just get shareholders on board. It is essential to consider all aspects before making a choice. 

How to Evaluate, Select & Build the Case for A TMS

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Identify Your Needs for Freight Management

The first step to choose an automated TMS is to identify the needs of the company. It is probably the most important part: what does the company need? What transportation data needs to exist? Think about the size of the truckloads required, or if these services need to be combined and how that will look within a connected, automated system.

Verify Knowledge of the Market to Choose an Automated TMS

You cannot decide without all the knowledge available. It is vital to get to know the TMS market to choose an automated TMS. Read reviews and ask questions from those who have already made the switch. Make sure to gain a complete picture to select the right system available. 

Pinpoint All Modes of Transportation the Company Uses

Another consideration when you choose an automated TMS is the modes of transportation the company uses. A determining factor could be that the automated TMS may not offer everything you need. It is essential to know the company, inside and out, and decide based on what they offer. 

Assess the Return on Investment

One of the most imperative factors in choosing an automated TMS is the return on investment. In other words, what is in it for the company? How long will it take to pay itself back? Making it worthwhile will probably be the deciding factor for most companies. Make sure it meets and exceeds expectations quickly. Additionally, conducting a cost analysis and continuous auditing will identify problem areas where cost reduction is needed. That will save the company time and money, so choose an automated TMS that also will get the job completed at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house program.

Determine the System’s Compatibility With Existing Systems

Circling back to the company’s needs, make sure to choose an automated TMS that meets all the company’s needs. Will additional work in integrating systems only eliminate a little extra work, create extra work, and be worth the time and money? Answering these questions will make choosing an automated TMS easier. 

Review the System’s Scalability

You want to choose an automated TMS that will be compatible with your needs and one that can keep up with the markets as well. Does it make sure deadlines are met? Are all compliance codes met? Ensuring an automated TMS will provide satisfactory and efficient results will be the ultimate test for a new TMS. 

Ensure the System Is User-Friendly

To choose an automated TMS that is successful, it must also pass the simplicity test. Is the TMS user friendly on all platforms and through each level of the supply chain? According to Inbound Logistics, User experience should be a big part of your selection process; make sure that the daily users will be able to use it. A TMS with customizable dashboards and tools will also help keep operations flowing smoothly.”

Ask Questions for Maximum Benefit

Ask. Ask. Ask. You cannot make decisions based on unknown knowledge. It is essential always to ask to clarify any confusion. Choosing a new automated TMS is a large investment, and ignorance should never be a factor. 

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Condense Your Options and Look to the Industry Experts

Ultimately, condense your options and narrow them down. It can be stressful to choose something that could make or break you through freight management’s ups and downs. Choose a few, conduct the research, and then make a decision that will ultimately create more straightforward methods for your transportation and practices. And if you need help during any step in the process, reach out to the vendor. Cerasis, together with Globaltranz, can help you identify your weaknesses and adequately explain how the Cerasis Rater can breathe new life into your operation.