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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck takes place from September 9-11, 2020, across North America. During the 72-hour safety inspection, CVSA-certified inspectors across Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., will inspect commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and drivers for compliance with federal regulations, utilizing the North American Standard Out-Of-Service Criteria.

The CVSA International Roadcheck “blitz” is considered the most extensive CMV inspection program in the world. Since 1988, inspectors have conducted more than 1.4 million inspections. During the 2019 CVSA International Roadcheck, inspectors conducted 67,072 inspections in 3 days, resulting in 12,019 vehicles and 2,784 drivers taken off the road due to out-of-service violations.

During CVSA International Roadchecks, many carriers choose to take their trucks off the road to avoid inspection, which has historically caused capacity to tighten and rates to increase as much as 30%.

CVSA International Roadcheck 2020 Focus:

For the 2020 CVSA International Roadcheck, inspectors will focus on the driver requirements component of a roadside inspection. Inspectors will also check critical vehicle items such as brake systems, cargo securement, exhaust systems, and fuel systems. Drivers and CMV’s that do not pass inspection will be placed out of service.

How Shippers Can Avoid Disruption During CVSA International Roadcheck:

During CVSA International Roadcheck, shippers may experience tightened capacity, which can lead to delivery delays and increased rates. Market conditions are already volatile due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an active hurricane and tropical storm season. To avoid disruption, shippers can take proactive steps to safeguard their transportation operations.

Plan Shipments Ahead of the 72-hour inspection blitz: At GlobalTranz, we have found the best way to prevent disruptions is to book shipments as early as possible. Increasing lead times between booking shipments and the actual pick-up of the load can reduce your transportation costs and decrease delivery delays.

Carefully Vet Your Carriers: When you work with reliable carriers, you are less likely to experience capacity constraints from a planned disruption like CVSA International Roadcheck. Utilize an extensive carrier vetting process to ensure you work with qualified carriers. If you currently do not have a carrier vetting process in place, work with a 3PL, like GlobalTranz, who can ensure the carriers they put on your loads are thoroughly vetted.

Partner with a 3PL: Partnering with a 3PL will provide you access to their vetted carriers, and a team of logistics experts who can proactively plan for disruptions and ensure your shipments arrive successfully. At GlobalTranz, our team of experts leverages our 34,000+ highly vetted, best-in-class carriers to provide you virtually unlimited capacity. Our team of logistics experts will design a transportation strategy for your organization that protects your transportation operations from market volatility.

Market volatility and tight capacity are inevitable, but how you respond can make our break your transportation operations and budget. You can protect your shipping operations from potential disruptions, like the CVSA International Roadcheck, by being proactive in your planning, ensuring you work with highly qualified carriers, and collaborating with a 3PL who can provide services and solutions for your organization’s transportation operations.

GlobalTranz’s team of logistics experts stand at the ready to assist you through any market volatility your organization may face. Please contact us and put our expertise to work for you.