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Today’s post will cover the most viewed freight and logistics  videos from our popular pair of freight video series, “Talking Freight” and “Fast Freight Five.” The “Talking Freight” series, our first video series launched on the Cerasis YouTube channel in 2017, is a video series that is essentially a video blog showcasing longer form content that will give you in-depth tips, best practices, trends, and insights to improve your knowledge when it comes to effective freight management. The “Fast Freight Five” video series launched in January of 2019 and is a shorter video video series featuring freight and logistics videos that will give you 5 tips, things to know, or items of note in around 3 minutes or less.

We highly encourage you to subscribe to the Cerasis YouTube channel so you are able to watch educational content made specifically to help freight shippers navigate today’s at times challenging shipping environment.

The list of the most viewed freight and logistics videos educates the viewer on things such as “3PL vs. 4PL: The Layers of Logistics Explained” to great facts around truckers with “5 Facts You May Not Know about Truckers.”

Our videos are a labor of love, so we hope you enjoy watching them as we do making them.

We hope you enjoy these most watched freight and logistics videos of 2019. We will continue to publish both “Talking Freight” and “Fast Freight Five” in 2020 and we look to introduce an all new series, “Delivered.” “Delivered” will be more like a news show with segments and will have the feel of a video podcast. We’re currently in development of that series but look out for it this year!

The Most Watched Freight and Logistics Videos from 2019

Without further ado, here are the most watched freight and logistics videos published in 2019, starting with the most watched first in the below playlist.