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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for a shipping partner, especially with so many options available like freight forwarding companies and freight broker agencies. That’s why we’ve broken down the benefits of working with a freight forwarder vs. a freight agent and have outlined why partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like GlobalTranz may turn out to be the best of both worlds.

Deciding Between a Shipping Agent vs Freight Forwarder

To fully understand whether a freight shipping forwarder or freight agent is the right partner for your business, it’s important to start with the basics and to consider all available options.

In this guide, Freight Forwarder vs Freight Agent: Which Is the Right LTL Shipping Partner for You, you’ll discover:

  • How working with a freight shipping forwarder or agent benefits your LTL shipping
  • How to determine whether freight brokering or freight forwarding is the right option
  • How a 3PL with an extensive agency network can take your business shipping to new heights

We’re More Than Your Average Freight Broker

At GlobalTranz, we pride ourselves on offering best-in-class support from a team of dedicated LTL freight professionals and agents who are ready to provide custom logistics shipping solutions for your business. Download our Shipping Agent vs. Freight Forwarder one-sheet today, and if you are ready to get started, connect with one of our shipping experts!