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In this episode, we discuss the growth happening in freight and how to navigate it during peak season.

So, Let’s Talk – Peak Season Navigation

Few industries experienced such record-breaking growth like that of e-commerce in 2020. As the world came to terms with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, a general belief that the pandemic would end abruptly took root. Unfortunately, that was not the case. And as the virus continues to plague the world and results in increased demand for e-commerce shopping in the upcoming holiday shopping season, time moves forward. Now, shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, and freight brokers are all turning their eyes to the next event, the peak shopping season. At the same time, e-commerce growth is almost unsustainable, leading to a massive strain on freight capacity, and navigating freight growth amid peak season planning is going to be challenging at best. As a result, supply chain leaders need to understand a few things about how to get through this unusual situation.