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GlobalTranz Announces New Pop-Up Fleet Solution Guaranteeing Immediate Capacity to Shippers During Periods of Market Volatility

GlobalTranz Announces New Pop-Up Fleet Solution

Customized solutions protect shippers from marketplace fluctuations while providing stable freight shipping rates, high service levels

PHOENIXAugust 31, 2020GlobalTranz Enterprises, LLC, a leading third-party logistics solutions provider offering award-winning technology, people-powered customer service, and extensive multimodal carrier relationships, today announced the launch of Pop-Up Fleet solutions for shippers seeking to protect themselves from fluctuating rates and tight capacity in volatile markets.

The challenges of procuring reliable capacity have become particularly acute. “Truckload freight volumes are now tracking toward one of the highest year-end levels we have seen since 2017,” said Ross Spanier, GlobalTranz Senior Vice President of Sales and Solutions. “Shippers are experiencing significant constraints on available truckload capacity, along with the resulting increases in rates,” added Spanier.

A confluence of factors through the end of 2020 could contribute to additional capacity constraints and rate increases, including the continuation of hurricane season, truck driver shortages resulting from COVID-19 and other factors, and an expected robust holiday peak season. Managing multiple 3PLs and carriers to secure freight capacity in a volatile market can be cumbersome, costly, and operationally demanding. Shippers are increasingly seeking dedicated transportation solutions to mitigate rate increases and diminished access to capacity in tight markets.

Pop-Up Fleets provide a solution for high-volume shippers and shippers with private fleets in need of supplemental capacity whose customers have high service requirements, short lead times and strict on-time delivery requirements. The GlobalTranz team works consultatively with shippers to understand their unique needs and service requirements, and to quickly develop a Pop-Up Fleet solution at pre-set rates that eliminates the need to manage multiple brokers to cover loads. Additionally, GlobalTranz’s Pop-Up Fleet solution helps shippers to control costs by minimizing their exposure to the truckload spot market.

“Through the combination of our expert team, innovative GlobalTranz TMS technology, and best-in-class network of over 34,000 truckload carriers, GlobalTranz is uniquely positioned to offer shippers guaranteed capacity at locked-in rates to help them ensure freight keeps moving,” continued Spanier, “As shippers continue to navigate unprecedented market volatility, controlling costs, ensuring on-time deliveries, and maintaining superior customer service are critical to their success through 2020 and beyond.”

For more information on GlobalTranz’s Pop-Up Fleet solutions, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @globaltranz.

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GlobalTranz is a full-service third-party logistics provider, bringing award-winning customer service, exceptional industry expertise and market-leading technology to shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers (LSP). GlobalTranz’s people-powered approach combined with comprehensive, relationship-driven support provides shippers of all sizes with fast and reliable, multi-modal transportation services as well as strategic supply chain solutions – enabling them to optimize efficiency and deliver on business goals. Leveraging its extensive independent agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 1 million product users and 25,000 shippers. In 2020, Transport Topics named GlobalTranz #9 on their list of Top 10 largest freight brokerage firms in the U.S., and Inbound Logistics ranked GlobalTranz as #4 on their list of Top 10 3PL Providers.

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