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The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of real-time visibility and actionable data insights to enable shippers to respond quickly to challenges in their supply chains. To empower shippers, freight agents, and carriers to make informed decisions, GlobalTranz has expanded its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities, providing enhanced visibility and a more conducive environment to receive data and provide real-time insights. By expanding RPA capabilities, GlobalTranz automated labor-intensive tasks, such as proof of delivery, while also improving the efficiency of its freight shipment scheduling and tracking, which resulted in quick and precise shipment visibility for customers.

In a new article, DC Velocity featured GlobalTranz’s latest automation addition and the benefits GlobalTranz’s clients gain through the new RPA advancements. Russ Felker, GlobalTranz’s CTO, explained, “Demand for real-time supply chain visibility has reached a new level because the Coronavirus crisis exposed vulnerabilities in highly complex global value chains,” said Felker. “We have enabled shippers to gain greater visibility to freight movements and thus respond more quickly to risks throughout all stages of the supply chain.”

GlobalTranz’s expanded RPA capabilities has enabled GlobalTranz to provide clients real-time rate visibility and insights for clients, even during unprecedented marketplace disruptions. Through these insights, GlobalTranz’s customers can confidently make decisions for their unique supply chains, even under some of the most stressful conditions. “Rather than requiring customers to go to a platform to get information and insights, we use RPA to proactively provide data and insights they need for their unique supply chains,” Felker explained. “RPA allows us to use larger data sets to surface trends in supply chains that help robust contingency planning.”

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