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Maintaining operational excellence and staying competitive are critical to success in 2020 and throughout the remainder of the decade. While major risks continue to disrupt the supply chain, including the coronavirus, political instability, and a relentless need for more product, faster service, and error-free delivery, shippers need a hand in achieving holistic freight management. Now, Cerasis has promoted the need for digital transformation throughout the supply chain for years, but 2020 represents the start of a new decade. It’s the perfect opportunity to recognize the limits of your current freight strategy and implement the processes to align your organization with the top trends through and through in your supply chain. To that end, this white paper will delve further into the core components of achieving holistic freight management in 2020, including:

  • The challenges of effective freight management in 2020 and what shippers can do today to boost efficacy.
  • The drastic changes affecting last-mile logistics and what they mean for comprehensive supply chain and logistics management. 
  • The renewed focus on reverse logistics as both a source of revenue and opportunity to finally deliver on higher customer expectations. 
  • How to round out freight management through proactive, informed inbound freight management.