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What is the most important step in logistics? Is it the first moment when order goes through to a warehouse, resulting in the tech from a warehouse worker? Or, does it involve the tendering of a shipment to get the customer order to the final destination on time? These questions reflect the importance of last mile delivery service in the modern world, and despite disruption, last mile might be the most important form of logistics and existence. Unfortunately, it’s often an afterthought and rarely receives the true attention it deserves. The issues are also emphasized and more important than ever during the current state of disruption.

To help shippers through the unprecedented changes affecting last mile, this white paper will explore:

  • The changing demands on last mile delivery service. 
  • How last mile delivery service affects truckers. 
  • Communications in the last mile and their influence on successful deliveries.
  • Disruptors affecting the state of last mile logistics and how shippers can respond to save money and increase visibility.
  • The primary distribution prevention strategies.
  • What to expect in the post COVID-19 era of logistics.