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GlobalTranz Resources Case Studies

Leveraging Managed Transportation Services to Drive $6M in Savings

projected savings
annual reduction in TL shipments
fewer gallons in fuel usage
fewer tons CO2 emissions

GlobalTranz’s client, a leading global distributor and manufacturer of consumer and commercial products identified a strategic goal of unifying their transportation functions across multiple business units to improve profitability. The client realized they needed to make a significant shift in their transportation strategy to achieve their goal. To do this, they partnered with GlobalTranz, who designed a transportation management solution that helped the company achieve its profitability goal and increase operational efficiencies. 

In this transportation management solution case study, you will learn how GlobalTranz’s Solution Team: 

  • Utilized shipment data to identify opportunities for consolidation and increased operational efficiencies. 
  • Designed a detailed transportation routing optimization strategy that included guidance on optimal sequencing for multi-stop truckloads that reduced annual truckload shipments by 30.4%. 
  • Helped the client achieve a projected annual savings of $6 million in transportation costs. 

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