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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s episode we welcome Toni Careccio. Toni’s focus is on logistics industry investments. Toni comes from a long line of family members who have worked in the logistics industry, and you could say it is in her blood!

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The Rise of Logistics Technology Investments

On the episode, Toni will share her unique perspective from the outside looking in as she looks out for logistics industry investments, but she brings something else to that eagle eye: she’s worked on a logistics technology solution herself, having helped found a company in the ELD space.

On the episode, you’ll hear Toni answer the following as it relates to logistics industry investments and what that means for shippers, 3PLs, and tech providers:

  • In reality, there is a ton of technology that shippers have to evaluate and sift to in order to get the right solutions that not only work with each other, but actually DOES solve their problems. So, from a logistics industry investments perspective, how do you look at technology platforms and what they can do as a consideration to invest or acquire?
  • Continuing with that same thought, as you explained from your perspective, where you might have more analysis type resources, and a bit of a more objective look at the technology landscape, how is a shipper supposed to, with their own company’s resources, supposed to seek out the right technology solutions? Have you seen outside consultants maybe put a stop gap to the lack of resources in technology evaluations these shippers face?
  • Why has it taken so long to disrupt the supply chain industry with technologies whereas other industries saw rapid technology disruption? Will the current market of rapid logistics industry investments change the speed of disruption?
  • Obviously, as you’re interested in more technology adoption from a logistics industry investments stand point, how can companies get more confident in deploying technology and not having that fear it will perhaps cripple their company as we saw just recently with Rent the Runway shutting down deliveries due to a warehouse management system upgrade delay?
  • What is your outlook for the use of logistics technology? Will we see massive consolidation from providers with bigger companies gobbling up smaller tech platforms, perhaps like we saw with what Facebook did when it acquired Instagram and Whatsapp? And what would that mean for supply chain professionals around the globe?

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Freight project podcast!