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No matter how big or small your shipping company is or how many transport vehicles you have in your fleet, cutting costs, improving delivery times, and preserving customer satisfaction are the primary goals of any business in the industry. One powerful way to improve your results and enhance the value of your services is with TMS managed multimodal shipping. Combined with automated freight management services, multimodal methods can make the difference between breaking even and making a profit at times.

How to Evaluate, Select & Build the Case for A TMS

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Disparate Systems Eat Away at Multimodal Shipping Value

By taking advantage of multiple shipping options and utilizing two or more modes of transportation, managed multimodal transport can considerably improve transport productivity and diminish transportation costs. This can be done for the entire process as the integration of automated organization transportation services and a more streamlined approach makes every step in the shipping process easier and more affordable and more sustainable in the long run. Without a managed multimodal process in place, the disparate systems many companies use today eat away at profits and decrease values. According to Business Wire, “multimodal transport can improve transportation efficiency by 30%, reduce cargo damage by 10%, reduce transportation costs by 20%, reduce highway congestion by more than 50%, and promote energy savings and emissions reduction by more than one third.” With figured like these being seen across multiple industries it is easy to see why managed multimodal systems are becoming more widely used across the board.

Multimodal Shipping Requires Complete Visibility to Lower Total Costs, Including Environmental Impact

Information is easier to access and share with a TMS managed multimodal shipping set up as well. The goal of a carefully designed shipping module is to deliver reliable results. This what is known as “end-to-end” visibility and it is a key component to reducing costs, improving customer services, enhancing delivery services, and overcoming common obstacles in shipping and transport. Everything involved in the process is based on real-time analytics, which makes it easier to react and make changes and adjustments as needed to compensate and account for unforeseen issues that may arise. With the up-to-the-minute data that give can be accessed, every member of the team can make more informed decisions, which in turn can lower costs and improve profit margins, and lower overall expenses. 

Additional Ways a TMS Enables Managed Multimodal Shipping

With a managed multimodal approach to shipping, there are several things that need to be considered when looking at how best to take full advantage of this method, including:

  • Ability to rate all modes and multiple transport scenarios. Data tracking and analysis are important for any shipping plan and a multimodal approach can help shed light on what aspects work and which ones may need to be tweaked.
  • Reduced use of smaller loads through consolidation. When using multiple methods of freight transportation, it is easier to consulate order sand loads and to cut shipping costs by ensuring half-empty loads are not sent out.
  • Access to competitive rates with more in-demand hauls. Multimodal transports when they are available also makes it easier to meet the changing demands and needs of customers and clients by having an option for them to choose from.
  • TMS data affords a foolproof way to audit invoices. A TMS and managed multimodal approach to shipping go hand in hand, thus making it easier to track and monitor individual shipments, invoices, orders, and customer data.
  • Integrated freight settlement promotes savings and shortens the payment clock.  Everything moves faster and easier, and the entire process is more streamlined from start to finish, meaning orders and payments are processed faster as well.
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Reap Rewards of TMS Management Multimodal Shipping With Advanced TMS

The managed multimodal system of shipping with an integrated and streamlined TMS setup can bring many benefits for any company. By combining a process that can automate freight auditing with a multimodal approach to shipping and transportation, entire processes can be improved, profits can be increased, and customer satisfaction can be maintained. It is an easy way to improve the overall shipping process and increase benefits and rewards for every party involved in the shipments. When it comes to maximizing the benefits of a streamlined parcel transport approach, a managed multimodal approach is the best way to go. It is easy to get started for yourself with Cerasis on your side.