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Lets Talk – Omnichannel and Multimodal Shipping Trends


The global supply chain is sick. Problems are beginning to amount to major disruptions, and the current pandemic is just the latest indicator that when things go wrong, and as they often do, traditional processes and standards for mitigating disruptions and eliminating risk may swell. E-commerce is the Coronavirus of the early 1990s when e-commerce was just beginning, major supply chains were starting to think about its potential. It wasn’t until Amazon grew to become the biggest player on the planet that its nearest competitor, Walmart, began to take notice and evolve its own operations. That is what the omnichannel supply chain is all about, transcending the barriers to advancement and working to sort through the chaos to find the most rewarding, functional solution. Now, it is important to note that the most functional solution is not always the most affordable, speaking in terms of sustainability or actual cost. With that in mind, shippers need to understand how the omnichannel and multi-modal shipping trends for 2020 must reflect the state of the every-channel shipper, capable of looking beyond what is and considering the possibilities of what could be. In a sense, it goes back to resilience, and increasingly technologies represent the latest way supply chain leaders can tap the value of advanced functions and multi-modal shipping trends to embrace a better solution.