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Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a damaged parcel through the post. It’s the sender’s responsibility to make sure the parcel is packaged correctly but accidental damage obtained through transport is possible. Before you head to the post office compare parcel delivery quotes to make sure you get the best price for your delivery. You could save as much as 80% on potential shipping costs! Read our top five packaging tips to help prevent damage below. 

1. Use new, double-walled boxes 

We start the packaging tips with focusing on the quality of boxes you use. Be careful if you choose to reuse old packaging. Cardboard boxes are easily damaged and provide much less protection if they are. Before shipping your package, you should feel comfortable that your item is secure and box is sturdy. You should also remove or cover any old labels that are visible to ensure your package is sent to the correct location.  

2. Don’t use fabric or cloth bags 

Just like packing your item in a brand-new box, you want to avoid using fabric or cloth bags. Despite their attractiveness, they provide also no protection or support to your item even if you pad the bag out with bubble wrap. Use a robust material to avoid leaving your contents at risk. 

3. Use bubble wrap for protection 

No matter how big or small your parcel is, it’s a good idea to pad it out with plenty of bubble wrap to add an extra layer of protection to your item(s). Cushioning your items will prevent them moving around and protect them from accidental damage. If your package contains a fragile item, make sure it’s placed in the center, avoiding all four sides of the box. 

Remember: If you don’t follow the packing instructions provided by the courier, they won’t pay for any damage so make sure it’s packaged up accordingly and follows the rules to a T! 

4. Avoid shipping expensive items – if you can! 

If you’re concerned about the safe arrival of your package, don’t send it at all. If you have no choice but to ship your package because it physically isn’t possible to deliver it in person, make sure you have insurance. Although it is possible to send high-value items including jewelry and antiques by courier, you should find out the maximum value of an item you can send and if there is additional protection available.  

Top tip: Don’t tell people what your parcel contains and the value of its contents by writing it on the box – only write down the necessary details.  

5. Use parcel tape, NOT sellotape  

Never use household sellotape to secure your parcel. Sellotape is great to seal small size packages but is not suitable for large packages being shipped abroad or across the country. When sealing your package with 3M parcel tape you are assured that it will stay stuck. Using cheap, supermarket-own tape won’t seal your box properly no matter how many layers you apply.