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The state of freight management is continuously changing and evolving to reflect the needs of an increasingly complex supply-chain. Such changes are a result of evolution of industries around the planet, and globalization continues to redefine the basic way supply chain software functions. Today, shippers are being forced to do more with less, stay competitive, recognize potential for disruption, and much more. Unfortunately, many shippers fail to realize the greatest advantage lies in innovation and the ability to stay aligned with the latest supply chain technology trends. Strategic freight management trends for 2020 envelope technology, process improvement, the application of data, connected supply chains, and a robust set of dynamic rule sets.

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What You’ll Learn in this Strategic Freight Management Trends White Paper

Since the supply chain is continuously evolving, we like to take a moment each year to reflect on the top freight, logistics, and supply chain trends affecting the industry and how they will shape the year to come. For 2020, the strategic freight management trends are nothing short of tremendous. These trends include a gradual shift in the freight economy, the ever-changing role of technology, and state of transportation management as a service. To help shippers stay aligned and ready for the year to come, this white paper will explore:

  • The state of the freight economy.
  • The role of 3PL provided technology and services in enabling success throughout the coming year. 
  • The trends affecting technology-driven supply chain transportation management for 2020.