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To stay ahead and remain competitive in a crowded marketplace, shippers need to do everything possible to streamline operations and stay profitable. This includes understanding the latest supply chain management trends so your products go from sourcing to delivery with ease.

Today, two of the most significant of these supply chain trends encompass technology advancements and data utilization. These resources can help shippers make informed decisions in real time, allowing them to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency while navigating supply chain disruption.

Upgrade Your Supply Chain Performance With Technology and Data

GlobalTranz is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider with decades of experience providing supply chain management services to shippers across the country. We also provide valuable resources, like this e-guide where we outline five major technology and supply chain trends that you should know about. Topics we discuss include:

  • How technological advancements are creating more efficient logistics operations.
  • Why data integrity is important in making informed shipping decisions.
  • How cyberattacks are impacting the shipping industry and what you can do.
  • Why companies must adapt to disruptions caused by climate change.
  • What shippers can do to incorporate sustainability into their shipping operations.

GlobalTranz Can Help You Create a Supply Chain Management Plan

Staying current on advances in technology and data can be difficult for busy shippers who are struggling to meet deadlines and keep customers happy. That’s where 3PL providers like GlobalTranz can help. We work with thousands of companies across the country, building out shipping logistics strategies that are based on the latest supply chain management trends and technologies.

Download our Supply Chain Trends E-guide today to learn more. If you are ready to learn how GlobalTranz can improve you supply chain processes and want to speak to one of our shipping logistics experts, reach out for a free consultation.