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The shipping logistics industry moves and changes fast. That means companies of all sizes should consistently look for innovations to streamline operations. This includes looking for solutions to cut costs, deliver faster and meet customer expectations while simultaneously focusing on sustainability.

As in most industries, advanced technology is often the solution to help solve the challenges facing today's shippers. That's why GlobalTranz has identified some of the shipping technology trends and innovations that shippers should focus on now and in the future. As an industry-leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we help customers just like you implement shipping technology services and solutions to make shipping easier!

Challenge #1: Sustainable Logistics Technology Solutions

  • Electronic vehicles. Cutting back on emissions and fuel consumption is the driving force behind electronic vehicles. Smaller vehicles are being used in urban and residential areas for last-mile delivery.
  • Self-driving trucks. While advancements are still underway, self-driving trucks are helpful in long-distance transporting. They're not left unmanned yet and a driver is there to take over the wheel when necessary. But self-driving trucks can help alleviate driver fatigue and are instrumental in road safety.
  • Blockchain technology. This source-of-truth technology creates better visibility along the supply chain. Shippers concerned about sustainability can see every link along the entire supply chain and identify risky suppliers that don't follow government requirements in sustainability. It will also help you uncover possible labor ethics violations.

Challenge #2: Warehouse Shipping Productivity

Warehouse management system technology that improves productivity and minimizes error will help businesses reduce costs and gain efficiencies. These warehouse technology trends have been in existence for decades and are becoming more sophisticated.

  • Automation. Robots improve productivity and reduce safety risks. They're used to load and unload pallets, pick products for fulfilling from high shelves and handle dangerous goods and materials.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology enhances product visibility and is used to locate products, whether in the warehouse or while being delivered.
    • Demand planning and product forecasting enabled through AI and ML help shippers whether they're in lean or agile supply chain management camps.
    • Warehouse managers can use both to better plan workforce allocation and assign tasks.

Challenge #3: Faster Delivery and Last-Mile Delivery Shipping Technology

As you know, the demand for quick delivery and cheaper rates has never been greater. Shipping technology is answering this call and companies need to adapt these solutions to remain competitive.

  • Internet of Things. IOT uses real-time data on weather and road conditions to respond quickly to changing conditions. This allows you to plan accordingly and keep shipments on schedule.
  • Transportation management systems.
    • The data that is collected in a transportation management system and stored in cloud-based systems can improve transportation routing and streamline fleet management.
    • Shippers can use data to make better-informed choices on mode selections when multi-channel logistics are an option.
    • Consolidating shipments and utilizing route planning is done more easily with TMS data.
  • Drones and self-driving delivery devices. Improvements are still being made, but these small vehicles can deliver smaller packages and get beyond city congestion and areas with difficult or limited infrastructures.

GlobalTranz Is a 3PL Providing Innovative Logistics Technology

As a shipper, you have access to an enormous number of shipping and logistics technology solutions to help you face today's challenges. But not all solutions are created equal. That's why it's important to team up with a shipper partner, like GlobalTranz, that you can trust for a full suite of proven transportation management services. That includes a transportation management system, a warehouse management system and e-commerce integration solutions that can increase profitability and efficiency while keeping your customers happy. We also understand the latest technology trends and pass the learnings on to you. Connect with an expert to learn how we can help you stay competitive and profitable in the face of an ever-changing supply chain.