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Webinar Available Now: What’s the New Normal? A Discussion Around Supply Chain During Challenging Times

Webinar: What’s the New Normal? A Discussion Around Supply Chain  

GlobalTranz was proud to participate in the first episode of a “F&B 45,” a new webinar series hosted by the Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network 

Host Joel Wardy, CFBN Chairman, speaker and strategic advisor, John Ferguson, Director of Customer Operations at GlobalTranz, and Dan Creinin, Account Executive- Supply Chain at Elemica discussed:  

  • The fluidity– and volatility- of the transportation market in response to COVID-19 
  • The critical importance of truck drivers throughout the pandemic 
  • How decreasing fuel costs will affect fuel surcharges 
  • The disposition of imported ingredients  
  • The changing role of air freight  in the supply chain 
  • The current status of the US, Mexico and Canadian borders with respect to cargo flow 
  • Insights on what to expect with respect to food and beverage supply chains in the next three months  
  • The potential of a food shortage in North America 
  • How consumer behavior translates into transportation spikes, and how shoppers can help “flatten the demand curve  

 To watch the full F&B-45 webinar, please click here.