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How often do you really think about the strategic value of your logistics strategy? Chances are good it’s on your mind around the clock, but are your thoughts going to result in a change? Maybe not, but if you took a moment to consider the positive realities of technology-driven last mile management and how it contributes to improved final mile service, you might be inclined to do something proactive. It’s all about the deployment of strategic capabilities that can advance your goals. For that reason, this white paper will further explore the role of final mile in building a better customer experience, including:

  • The use of technology-driven platforms, including a transportation management system (TMS), to manage the final mile. 
  • How the last mile enhances customer experiences. 
  • Why the last mile is moving beyond brick-and-mortar retailers. 
  • The indispensable and changing role of white glove logistics in last mile service.