Pop-Up Fleet Dedicated Solutions

GlobalTranz’s pop-up fleets provide a solution for high-volume regional shippers with private fleets in need of supplemental capacity. With the truckload market moving at lightning speed, our pop-up fleets are a dedicated capacity solution that will protect you from fluctuating rates and tight capacity while ensuring loads meet the MABD or service expectations of your end customers. No matter your challenges, if you are looking for dedicated, competitively priced, and reliable capacity, GlobalTranz can help.

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Protect Yourself from Market Volatility with GlobalTranz’s Pop-Up Fleet Solutions

At GlobalTranz, we understand the challenges of procuring reliable capacity in a temperamental market due to seasonal peaks, inclement weather, and crisis response efforts. Our pop-up fleet solutions protect high-volume regional shippers and shippers with private fleets in need of supplemental capacity from uncontrollable rate increases and diminished service.

Guaranteed Capacity & Price:

Our pop-up fleet solutions are designed to ensure your loads are covered quickly and meet the MABD or service expectations of your end-customer.

Best-in-Class Carrier Network:

By leveraging our best-in-class carrier network of over 34,000 truckload carriers, we offer you virtually unlimited dedicated capacity at locked-in rates to help you take control of your spend.

Consultative Approach:

GlobalTranz’s team of logistics experts work consultatively with you to understand the unique demands of your business and to quickly develop a responsive Pop-Up Fleet solution. Our team learns the ins and outs of your business, ensures you pay a fair market price, and eliminates the need to manage multiple brokers to cover loads and meet your customer’s needs.

Award-Winning Technology

With GlobalTranz TMS, you gain end-to-end visibility, optimized routing, and efficiencies. Our technology provides you the business analytics you need to speed the decision-making process and propel your business forward.

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