Next Generation Digital Freight Matching


Your transportation needs are increasingly complex. GTZamp (Automated Movement Planning) combines technology with shared visibility of loads and capacity from our carriers to deliver an industrial-strength digital freight matching (DFM) solution that can be executed at scale.

Move loads more efficiently with automated movement planning from GlobalTranz

GTZamp leverages GlobalTranz’s data science & predictive analytics technology to combine the speed and ease of Digital Freight Matching with enhanced, multi-movement planning capabilities and hands-on customer service delivered by our dedicated logistics experts.

GlobalTranz combines multiple approaches to deliver a seamlessly superior experience: 

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    Load Affinity
    Load Affinity analysis identifies shipments that are well-suited to be combined into a multi-movement route.
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    Carrier Match
    Carrier Match functionality algorithmically matches loads with the best carriers based on a host of factors, including volume covered, on-time performance, cost, bounce and roll percentages, and seasonality.
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    Cost Prediction Model
    Cost Prediction Model predicts lane level costs based on a wide variety of features, including historical costs and current market conditions, in order to ensure that GlobalTranz maximizes savings for customers by securing the lowest possible rate.
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    Load To Truck Forecasting
    Load To Truck Forecasting is a predictive analytics tool that leverages leading indicators to predict capacity availability in order to maximize service while minimizing cost.

The GlobalTranz Advantage

  • GlobalTranz leverages algorithms that are based on an enormous repository of live load and historical data to provide load recommendations to users, allowing pre-planning and booking of multiple loads at once.
  • The machine uses the appropriate variables to account for realistic and viable combinations, taking into account Hours of Service, locations of pick and drop, detention time, transit times, appointment and drop-off times, equipment type, etc.
  • Rather than executing a series of one-off shipments, GTZamp builds routes with multiple movements to maximize efficiency and lower costs.
  • Real-time shipment visibility is provided via the GTZconnect™ TMS platform.

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