Data in. Insights out.


Data is rapidly becoming a company’s most valuable asset. Many businesses today have access to a lot of data but lack the tools to analyze and make decisions. GTZanalytics enables shippers, carriers, brokers and 3PLs to combine complex data from multiple sources and instantly reveal insights to grow their business and create competitive advantages for their customers.

Tightly Integrate Your Business Operations

From a few weekly shipments to large-scale logistics management, GTZship from GlobalTranz is one of the most comprehensive transportation platforms in the industry for your growing supply chain.

Propel Your Business Forward with Data

GTZanalytics makes it easy for anyone to get answers from business data in seconds. Using search-driven analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) technology, companies can discover insights about their business and make faster, smarter data-driven decisions.

Win More Business
  • Use data to better understand your customers and develop solutions to meet their needs
  • Identify and fix inefficiencies in freight operations
  • Run freight cost studies in seconds
Get Instant Answers
  • Empower non-technical people to answer their own performance questions with a simple self-service tool designed for everyone
  • Similar to a search engine, get answers and see data simply by typing questions in a natural way
Transform Data into Dashboards
  • Eliminate bulky spreadsheets and formulas – GTZanalytics automatically performs real-time calculations at any granularity and time interval, then presents results in at-a-glance charts

GTZanalytics Features 

  • Search-driven with real-time suggestions as you type
  • Automatically creates visualization charts to match your search
  • Drag and drop functionality – no constrained drill paths or drop-downs
  • Easily edit charts on the fly – no need for developers or data analysts
  • Share dashboards and collaborate with anyone in one click
  • Trusted and secure platform protects confidential data
  • Start getting answers as soon as you log in – no set-up needed
  • 100% accuracy – numbers you can trust with zero guesswork
  • Mobile-friendly – use on any device

Connect to Virtually Any Data Source

Unify data from files, databases, cloud systems and big data sources to get a complete picture of your business.


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