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Businesses looking to improve the performance of their supply chain may choose to outsource their transportation management to a trusted third-party logistics (3PL) provider. But when doing so, it is vital to select a trusted provider who offers quality supply chain consulting and engineering services.

A supply chain engineer works alongside your company to drive continuous improvement. Their holistic solutions involve a deep dive into analytics, processes, technology and more to create a fully optimized supply chain. In this article you 'll learn more about this partnership and how your company can level up with managed transportation solutions from the supply chain engineering experts at GlobalTranz.

What is supply chain engineering?

Supply chain engineering involves the planning, implementation and management of effective supply chains. These solutions typically require market research, operations management and proper technology usage to gain efficiencies. A supply chain engineer may also work as a supply chain consultant who works to identify and resolve issues or challenges within an organization to help strengthen the company 's processes.

Benefits of Supply Chain Consulting

There are many potential benefits resulting from a supply chain consult. This added value is achieved through on-site process mapping and observation, current state needs and spend analysis, the support and tailored service offerings of a trusted 3PL, and a roadmap for implementation and performance tracking. Your supply chain engineer should also provide:

Experience Analyzing Advanced Data Points

While you know your business better than anyone, data can be tricky - especially when your supply chain has not been properly optimized. An experienced supply chain consultant will understand how to interpret data points that you may have overlooked, or undervalued, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Unique Solutions with an External Perspective

A supply chain engineer is typically brought in as a consultant rather than being a full-time employee. That means that they know statistics and details about the market that may not be readily available to your internal employees. Plus, these external experts are likely to bring in logical, impartial solutions to best benefit your business.

Implementation and Maintenance Support

Not only will a supply chain engineer help you craft an ideal solution, they will walk you through their strategy before helping you implement and maintain it.  Then, they will provide follow-up analytics reviews and consultations to keep your business running smoothly.

How Supply Chain Engineers Improve Logistics Performance

Supply chain engineers are vital to efficiently and successfully enhancing logistics performance. They implement strategic measures and optimize the movement of goods throughout the supply chain by employing various techniques including process mapping, inventory optimization and more. By leveraging technology, data analytics and industry best practices, these engineers can effectively identify areas of improvement and streamline logistics operations. When seeking a consultant to help you improve order accuracy, reduce lead times, minimize transportation costs and enhance overall operational efficiency, make sure to look for a consultant who will:

Conduct a detailed supply chain assessment.

An effective engineer should initiate your supply chain consultation by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your existing processes. They will meticulously analyze each detail of your supply chain — procurement processes, packaging, systems integration, freight costs and more — to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. These KPIs will help you and your consultant gauge achievements and identify specific areas that need improvement to achieve continuous transportation optimization.

Create a custom supply chain solution to maximize productivity and stability.

After collecting adequate data during the initial audit of your supply chain processes, your consultant will then analyze the data to develop a comprehensive action plan aligned with your specific business goals and requirements. At this stage, your supply chain engineer may also engage with stakeholders, buyers and competitors to ensure their perspectives are incorporated and to find the best possible solution for your unique business ecosystem. This collaboration not only enhances the resilience of your supply chain, but also equips it to better overcome unforseen challenges that may arise.

Implement and manage the supply chain strategy.

After they finalize your new strategy, your supply chain engineer will begin the implementation process. They will proactively conduct follow-up consulting sessions to ensure the strategy remains effective, continuously tracking and reanalyzing data to identify any potential issues that may arise throughout your partnership. These collaborative sessions will serve to keep you up to speed on all aspects of your supply chain process, allowing you to deal with the latest developments effectively and in a timely manner. By maintaining this open line of communication, your supply chain engineer will enable you to make informed decisions and adapt to ever-changing market dynamics effectively.

What to Look for in a Supply Chain Consultant

Outsourcing managed transportation to 3PL experts enables businesses to focus on their core competencies while creating a competitive edge with optimum supply chain performance. When searching for a supply chain management consulting partner for your business, it is important to consider several questions:

  • How much experience does your transportation manager have?
  • Do they provide a variety of solutions to help with each specific area of your supply chain?
  • Do they have access to innovative technologies and software to inform their research on your business analytics?

Before bringing on a supply chain consultant, it is vital to ensure that they have the expertise and resources available to truly maximize your supply chain process.

Access Top Supply Chain Management Consulting from GlobalTranz

When looking to improve your supply chain visibility and resiliency, it's important to find a supply chain consulting company that you can trust. GlobalTranz provides top shipping and logistics solutions for businesses across the nation, resulting in maximized supply chains and cost savings. From procurement to pickup and beyond, our GlobalTranz supply chain experts have all the know-how, technology and resources you need to make your business better than ever.

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